Diamond rains interested NASA moreTotal

Space agencies, primarily NASA and ESA, having completed
the thirteen-year space mission of the Cassini-Huygens probe to
Saturn is already seriously thinking where to send the next one.
orbital station in order to get from this project the greatest

According to the publication Science Friday, the main interest in
American and European astronomers are being called
ice giants Neptune and Uranus. Of course, it can be assumed that these
the outermost planets are in the front row
astrological interests just because of the huge distance
to them, making it difficult to study them. And this is true, but not

All the more scientists were interested in the “weather” on these planets, and
Precisely – diamond rains, which supposedly go here.
Theorists, among them experts from the University of California at
Berkeley, it is argued that diamonds are literally on these gas giants
fall from the sky. The fact is that Neptune and Uranus have huge reserves
methane. Methane thunderstorms, characteristic of these places, under
the effects of natural reactions easily transform the resulting from
methane carbon into diamond drops or even large diamond hailstones,
that fall on the surface of these planets.

Graduate student at the Faculty of Physics, Laura Robin Benedetti University
told reporters that she participated in an experiment on
recreating such planetary conditions – and as a result was
diamond dust was obtained. Scientists have exposed liquid methane to high
pressure, passing a laser beam through it at that moment (analog
lightning). As a result, methane is heated to a huge temperature.
and turned into a speck of diamond.

Something like that, only on a huge scale should
occur on the gas giants, which is why interest in them from
space agencies are being upgraded. Journalists sure
that the next comic mission will certainly be “diamond”.

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