Diamonds today are produced inmicrowave

Imitation diamonds gradually begin to increasingly
to compete with natural diamonds, because practically nothing
do not differ from the latter, but they are two times cheaper.

According to experts, a laboratory sample of a diamond
looks as beautiful as its natural counterpart, has the same
structure, the same chemical composition, only grows it is not
nature itself is in the bowels of the earth, and … a modern microwave.

The diamond crumbs (carbon
seed), then a certain amount of mixture is pumped into the chamber
heavy methane gas. It all heats up to temperature,
necessary to obtain the so-called plasma ball, in
which methane is destroyed, and carbon atoms crystallize,
gradually settle on the seeds of diamond chips, causing it
progressive growth. This process is, of course, long, it can
take up to ten weeks, but it works – just great,
allowing you to create clean and high-quality diamonds.

By the way, we note that artificial diamonds are still
make up a tiny percentage in the world’s diamond market, however, as
experts predict that by 2026 the number of synthetic
diamonds will increase to at least 20 million carats, and this
there will already be a significant market share in these gems.

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