Did the real dragon hit the video? Onlineheated disputes flared up

In the US state of Montana, an astounding
video. It depicts an unknown science creature flying on
dawn over the picturesque lake. Incredible monster with giant
wings and long spiky tail suspiciously reminds
mythical dragon, but is it possible in reality?

It is reported that the video below was sent
to researchers of supernatural phenomena by a person who wished to
remain anonymous. An American was shooting a lake on a quadrocopter camera.
and accidentally captured this flying monster. The author of the video is convinced
that it could not have been any bird, and here it is probably not
is mistaken.

When the record hit the World Wide Web, among the regulars
Сети heated disputes flared up о том, что на ней изображено. Alone
Internet users are sure that this is indeed a dragon. By
opinion of others, this is pterodactyl, a representative of an extinct
squad of flying dinosaurs. Still others believe that this is a certain
outlandish kite or drone. Well skeptics,
naturally, they talk about installation and hoax. They can also
understand because nowadays almost anyone with a computer
способен при желании дорисовать подобный объект на video.

American cryptozoologists believe that the incident certainly
requires further investigation. Especially since similar
videos of flying dragons appear in
network periodically. It is possible that the once “extinct” race
dragons still exist, for example, in a parallel world, and
because its individual representatives break into our world. After all,
people often fall into parallel worlds and then return
from there. So there is nothing surprising in this, another thing is that
official science does not want to admit the existence of such
parallel worlds. However, she does not recognize much, more and more
turning into ridicule and real shame of modern
society …

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