Died ufolog George Graham, who feared for hisa life

Popular Scottish ufologist, virtual archaeologist and
conspirologist George Graham, best known by his pseudonym
Streetcap1, unexpectedly left this world. According to the official
versions of physicians, an elderly expert, let down health, but far
not everyone believes it.

Our site often covered his mysterious discoveries relating to
mostly different anomalies on the moon and mars, but now almost three
Month of a man did not appear on the web. This made his colleagues and
subscribers seriously worry about where the specialist went.
Alas, their worst predictions were confirmed.

Graham for many years told about his amazing,
sometimes incredible discoveries on your own YouTube channel
�”Streetcap1″. At the beginning of last year, he even took part in
creating a documentary about the Red Planet for the Russian
TV channel “REN TV”.

Nobody suspected that such a prolific researcher
will suddenly die. It is reported that the Scot died from a stop
hearts in their home in June of this year, despite the fact that
the health of the man, according to the doctors, was normal. It,
Of course, it could not but arouse conspiracy suspicions.

According to Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, George, like
many other researchers of the unknown, to a certain extent
feared for his safety. Graham constantly exposed NASA and
other world space agencies in lying and hiding information,
relating to space and life on Mars and the Moon.

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