Discovered on Queen Maud Land in Antarcticaalien spaceship

A tireless explorer of paranormal phenomena from the Ural Valentin
Degteryov again pleased his fans all over the world with new
a find – now in Antarctica on the Land of Queen Maud. According to
ufologist, an incomprehensible object in the image of the Google Earth application can
to be quite a spaceship aliens.

Degteryov sends all those who wish to look at this “miracle” by
coordinates – 72.585868 °, 31.313881 ° In his opinion, the mysterious
object in Antarctica need to see with my own eyes and evaluate
own sixth sense: maybe someone will succeed more accurately
understand what it is.

Alien ship or something else (no less mysterious and
attractive) is located in the eastern part of the Queen Maud Land,
about three hundred kilometers from the Riiser-Larsen sea. A place
wild and unexplored, although sometimes tourists come here. By
at least, this is indicated by photographs (on one of them you can
even seeing the wreckage of a crashed plane is another
riddle who and when crashed here).

Just in this wild place on the slope of the mountain Valentin Degteryov and
discovered a mythical spaceship very similar to an alien ship
from the movie “Alien”. Snapshot 2009, however, also in snapshot 1999
the mysterious object is viewed, that is, it lies there for a long time,
most likely and now it can be found if you organize it

Unfortunately, the Ural researcher is well aware that
make it very difficult, almost impossible. Amateur
A trip to Antarctica is not organized, but a formal study
will give nothing to ufologists: even if a spaceship is detected
aliens – the general public is unlikely to be notified.
The military immediately classified this information, and traces of the mysterious
The object is simply removed from Google Earth. By the way, can be traced
when this happens …

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