Discovered stars older thanOf the universe

American astronomers have discovered as a result of their new
studies of stars whose age is estimated to exceed
возраст Of the universe.

The life span of any massive gas ball in
cosmos depends on two properties. The first is the mass of the star, and
the second is its metallicity, that is, the relative concentration in
celestial body of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium. If you believe
to scientists, the Big Bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago, however
сейчас оказалось, что во Of the universe имеются звезды возрастом порядка
14.4 billion years old. How is this possible?

Scientists suggest that the age of the universe could be calculated
wrong, and in fact it is much more. Its known
determined by analyzing the lack of temperature and density in
microwave background, evolution of galaxies, the rate of expansion of space
and clustering stars. However, with all these calculations, the inaccuracy in
determining the age of all things is not more than 100 million
years old. Then maybe the age of these too
old stars?

The most mysterious object for astronomers is
subgiant star HD 140283 in the constellation Libra, also known as
Star of Methuselah. It is located approximately 190 light
years from us, thanks to which it is relatively easy to study.
According to experts, the age of this gas ball
составляет около 14,5 миллиарда years old. Scientists suggest that she
could be born with a higher mass or devour any
material that distorts the calculations of her age.

So, what is older: the Universe or the star-subgiant HD 140283?
The question remains open, just like a chicken and an egg …

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