“Disgusting Bigfoot” on a tree hitin camera lens

In English, there is a strong phrase “abominable snowman”,
which translates into Russian as “disgusting snow
person”. Similarly, citizens of America and Canada are often
Bigfoot, or Yeti. Hard to say than
The legendary hominid causes Americans and Canadians to
disgust, however it is known that this is a very old expression.
Perhaps in former times the sasquatch really seemed
impressionable North Americans something ugly and nasty.
But today, snow people more cause them to research
interest and even sympathy.

Two US citizens who wished to remain anonymous were uploaded to
Internet presented a couple of mysterious photos. Both shots
depict a tall and dark humanoid figure sitting high
on the branches of coniferous trees. According to our heroes, they noticed
this creature during the hiking in the forest and immediately felt that
faced with the so-called “disgusting snowman.”
Walking in nature, friends at a certain point heard above them
a strange chug and, looking up, saw a major
monkey-like creature, quickly jumping from one branch
on the other, from tree to tree. One of the shocked eyewitnesses had
get your mobile and take a picture of the cryptide twice. After
This alleged bigfoot quickly disappeared from view. By the way
note that there are no humanoid in North America
monkeys so that you do not think that our heroes have fallen on
fishing rod …

The Yeti, as mentioned above, is actually called today.
genuine feeling of pity. According to cryptozoologists, Wednesday
the habitat of snow people is rapidly being destroyed in our day. because of
deforestation and forest contamination hominids leave their homes and
moving deep into virgin territory. In addition, their
forces migrate global warming. Add here different
sasquoche hunters who dream to shoot at least one such
amazing creation, and we get a very unenviable picture
the existence of cryptoids. And this despite the fact that they are considered
reasonably intelligent creatures.

The only thing that calms us down a bit in this regard is
the assumption that the yeti come to our cruel reality
after all from their parallel world, they are not seen by chance
almost everywhere, even near major cities, for example,
they are often found in the suburbs. By the way, in the soul of Russian
human they were never disgusting, rather – scary, and
therefore they did not cause and still do not cause pity, rather –

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