Divers complain about the frightening sounds conveying fromthe depths of the Red Sea

The Red Sea, located between the African continent and
Arabian Peninsula, scared recently divers and simple
bathers. Once under water, people began to clearly hear
mysterious sounds coming from somewhere in the dark depths. TO
Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to record them on audio.

However, eyewitnesses say that this noise is similar to
crackling and knocking, as if heard from the bottom of the sea. Unusual
the phenomenon was noted near the town of Abu Ramad, in
Near the island of Giftun, off the coast of Hurghada and a few
other places.

Divers and tourists complain that the mysterious noise makes them
discomfort and even a sense of panic. Just imagine diving
each time in the water, you will hear a sound like near you
Grind stones with millstones.

Local lifeguards and oceanologists cannot accurately say
what caused this phenomenon. According to one version, it’s all about the song.
large whales, carried underwater for miles. Other
hypothesis states that crackling and knocking are caused by movement
lithospheric plates. Some campers refuse to believe such
explain and believe that something is happening here

Maybe aliens, as always ufologists alert? However, so far this
version does not find any confirmation because near the island
Giftun, near the coast of Hurghada and other places where this
incomprehensible to anyone underwater noise, not seen any UFO, any
other paranormal phenomena …

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