Divers talk about encounters with the unknownanimals at the bottom of the karst funnel

Stories about sea monsters, in particular huge snakes, can be
Hear almost any corner of our planet. Quite
interesting messages today come from Long Island
(archipelago of the Bahamas), which is located in the bay
Dean’s famous blue hole. Someone huge and maybe ferocious
dwells in the local waters.

Mysterious monster of the underwater world of Luska

Blue holes are karst craters filled with water,
which are usually located below sea level. And so blue
Dean’s hole – the deepest of all now known (failure in 202
meters). It is very popular with bathers and divers, although
deep sea dives are considered very risky
by occupation. In the deep sea of ​​the daredevils await insidious currents,
narrow passages … and possibly a mysterious monster who was nicknamed
Beast of the Blue Hole …

Differently styled by its locals for many years
telling stories about the sea monster – Lusk. they say that
Luska, like an octopus, has long and powerful tentacles and
armed with many sharp teeth. In size monster reaches 60
meters Just like an octopus, Luska can change its color. If
In general, talking about her appearance, then it simultaneously present
�”Features” of squid, dragon and eel. Of course the descriptions of lusky
vary, but some details remain the same: this is
tentacles, as well as being aggressive and voracious.

More natives say that the habitat of Luska, in addition to the hole
Dinah, there are other local blue holes, perhaps
interconnected with each other. In the afternoon the monster sleeps in one of
numerous underwater caves, and at night goes hunting. is he
may even climb ashore and attack the inhabitants of the town of Clarence
Town, located east of the bay.

Fishermen have their own stories about bloodthirsty Luska. is heи не раз
saw someone or something dragging near the blue holes
whole boats with people on them. Lusk is often hanged
and the death of divers who died while diving or disappeared under
water without a trace. And on the bodies of those who still managed to find were
as if traces of giant suckers were found. All this is definitely
looks like local tales designed to intrigue tourists
however, there are cases that suggest that rumors about Luska did not arise
on the empty place.

Does the sea monster Lusk really exist?

So, according to one of the divers, in 2005. attacked him
a huge blue hole, at least fifteen meters long, an octopus.
The diver was lucky to escape, however the trophy was left on the clam.
– the camera he dragged to his cave.

Another underwater diver stated that he saw someone
tentacle equal in thickness to the telegraph pole dragged into the grotto
whiskered baby shark …

The crew of one fishing vessel saw Someone very strong
tugging at the buoys, trying to drag them to the depths. Then this creature
grabbed a buoy attached to the boat itself, and for a while pulled
him and the ship behind him. Sonar on the boat showed a large
pyramidal object moving under water. Then when buoys
with traps attached to them were raised, they were wrinkled
and twisted as if they were in a giant meat grinder …

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