DNA test wonders that makeponder

In a small village near the river port of Atyrau (on
Ural River), there was an amazing incident, which, with one moan,
чуть ли не граничит с мистикой, а с другой — заставляет ponder
about the wonders of DNA tests.

Kazakh Aigali Supygaliev in June of this year left home and did not
is back. Soon, near the village was found to be very hot.
the body of an unknown man who was visually identifiable
no opportunity. Therefore, forensic scientists conducted a DNA test and
determined that it is, according to the analysis, the body of 63-year-old

We, tells the news publisher Azh.kz brother of the deceased
Esengali Supygaliev, buried the deceased, traditionally remembered him
and on this, it would seem, in this sad story you can put
the point. But it was not there. When in September the brother came to my house,
his niece, my daughter Saul, almost fell into

As it turned out, AIGA and did not think to die, he just happily
got a job in a neighboring village, and when he did it,
returned to his village. And here it is already buried …. Now
hapless man hardly recovers his identity and,
most importantly, retirement, since no one is going to return
her, and even more so during the “burial”.

But how did it happen, the question immediately arises to
forensic examination? It turns out that the DNA test does not give one hundred percent
guarantee, in this case, he gave 99.2 percent that the burned
the man and Aigali Supygaliev are identical. Never have to forget
the medical examiner says about these 0.8 percent, in this case they
proved to be the error that misled not only
medicine, but also relatives of the “deceased” …

It turns out that people who rely on DNA tests in the case,
for example, whether their doubts are a child are also not insured against
similar errors? Much is done and other similar DNA examinations.
These are the times, and how much for this reason in the world of broken destinies and
hearts? ..

It is not by chance that Eastern wisdom says that you can only trust
to your heart. Note, in this case, close relatives of Aygali
Supygaliev simply did not believe in his death, did not feel it. But…
against the medicine will object that today? ..

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