Do aliens give signals? The most importantquestion

Сигналы инопланетян

Many representatives of our time that year torment
question о том, подают ли инопланетяне сигналы? Is it true that
NASA has information that is very carefully hidden from
“mere mortals”? But nevertheless, these secrets are sealed,
seeping into the masses, and they say that aliens have more than once
tried to get in touch with the Earth. But what kind of signals do people get from
aliens? In the first place – this is their frequent visits. Everyone who
sees strange shapes of strange objects in the dark sky of the sky,
may boldly think that the aliens filed a signal about themselves. TO
the number of alien signals can be attributed, and visits of alien
creatures to humans. But the main information that the government of all
countries trying in vain to suppress, this is what aliens are turning
through radar and satellites to us, people. Probably need at all
wait a bit for this data to come out and every person
learns what aliens are saying. Now it only remains
lurk in conjectures, and wait for the next exciting signals.

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