Do aliens keep in touch with “their”?

Связь с инопланетянами. Инопланетяне на связи.

People are very interesting creations, much more interesting than aliens.
Therefore, the latter rightly fly to Earth to
get acquainted with cultural values ​​and concepts of us, people.
However, despite the fact that aliens are trying to capture our
Earth, they carry out experiments on us, and often take us on their
ships in an unknown direction, we do not stop asking
questions that seem to be the most important, and without which we can not
present your existence. So while the aliens are building
insidious plans to enslave humanity, we wonder about
whether the aliens have contact with their planet at that moment,
when are on our. And what is most interesting, then this question
there’s an answer. Yes, aliens are in contact with “their”. For this
they do not use our usual means of communication. They are carried over
your astral body for moments, and thus are in
several places at once. And, perhaps, we need them
to learn such a skill, because when they populate our planet,
then we will need the ability to disappear in the blink of an eye so as not to become
objects for research.

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