Do not pick up other things from the ground

Probably every person will be tempted to pick up
money lost by someone, and even a purse with notes, decoration,
especially valuable, although other things can sometimes be seen on earth
say, a mirror, keys, a comb, and so on.

Specialists in household magic, which include, for example,
Tatyana Govorova, categorically advise not to pick anything and
all the more to drag it to your home. This is the case that describes

Moskvich Alexey Kopylov once found on a country road
(went to the country) mask, cut on the board. Than she to him
liked, not clear, but he brought her to the cottage and hung it on
wall. And from that moment one thing began to happen in his life.
misfortune after another, ranging from domestic injuries and ending with diseases
close ones. Finally, it seems that for no reason at all epilepsy began
beloved dog. And only when Alexey understood the cause of these misfortunes.
and threw the mask out of the house, a black stripe in the life of his family right there
has stopped. True, the dog could not be saved. And I must say it
Well, that in their house she proved: Pets, as
typically, the bulk of negative energy is taken on by
most saving bosses.

Any thing on the road or at the entrance (even more dangerous, turned out to be
front door of your house) can carry charged sorcerers
negative energy to destroy a person. Most often on such
objects are reset negative patient energy, which
turned to the magician for help. The black magician is great
understands that he passes on all the diseases and problems of his patient
to the one who will pick up this thing, but in the world of magic there is no concept of good and
evil, it is all worldly “wisdom.”

Most often, money and jewelry are thrown at a person because
few can pass by them impassively (pass, it is not necessary from
fleeting weakness to charge a whole bunch of problems, illnesses,
and even mortal danger). Especially dangerous are also watches, mirrors,
pectoral crosses and keys. Of course, there may be other items
take at least a wooden mask, which Tatiana Govorova told about,
that is, conspired to the misfortune or just causing you trouble
maybe anything. For example, by raising the pectoral cross, you
just share the karmic fate with those who carried it to you. With
this he does not take on your problems.

Pay attention, clarify the experts in household magic than
more you pull up and take with you some object, those
it is more dangerous for you. Therefore, the best way to fight this evil is
inspire yourself once and for all: never pick up anything with

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