Do people need a meeting with aliens?

встреча человека с инопланетянами

In some developed countries (such as Russia and the USA) exist
certain organizations that study paranormal
phenomena and all that is relevant to them. In newspapers periodically
publish various mystical stories – for example,
describes the meeting of people with aliens, describes
unexplained disappearances of people or their travels in temporary
loop. The most famous example is the story of Vinnie Coats,
passengers of the notorious “Titanic”, which is fished out of the water
a few decades after the tragedy. Skeptics deny
the possibility of the existence of such phenomena, considering them to be inventions
of journalists. And the owners of some popular sites claim
the existence of the so-called “committee of three hundred”, in which
Famous rich people and politicians ruling the world, but perhaps
following orders of aliens. Someone thinks that humanoids
not hostile to the inhabitants of the planet Earth. But to millions
people are aware of the existence of the “Bermuda Triangle”,
mysteriously absorbing ships and airplanes with the crew. One
from the versions explaining the disappearance of people in this segment of the ocean,
is “alien” – they visit this site
representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations kidnapping people for
any goals. True, this is only a version, but the question is whether
humanity meeting with aliens, while remains open.

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