Donald Trump creates the American spacetroops

White House head Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon
engaged in the creation of military space forces, which will defend
interests of the “citadel of democracy” outside the Earth. According to
American president, the United States is not enough just to have in orbit
their vehicles – the United States will certainly dominate
space, overtaking Russia and China in this matter.

Напомним, что у нас в стране уже есть Космические troops,
included in the Aerospace Forces of Russia. Something like that
naturally, there is in China.

According to Trump (or his advisers), in the foreseeable future
space will certainly become the territory in which they can be conducted
fights It is worth noting that such a statement in fact has a
the soil, since today the Russian Federation, the People’s Republic of China and some other
States of the world are actively developing laser guns and
electromagnetic “jammers” for satellites with which you can
will disable other devices in orbit, which means
practically paralyzing one or another job on Earth.

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