Donald Trump’s Giant Ice Headcarved in the arctic

Representatives of the Finnish environmental organization “Melting Ice”
announced their intention to create a giant at the North Pole
monument in the form of the head of American President Donald

However, it will not be a gesture of praise, but something exactly
vice versa. Activists are planning to carve the image in the glaciers
ruler of the United States to show the world the rapid melting
Arctic ice which, according to Trump, is an invention
environmentalists and “enemies of America.”

Recall that having come to power, now a 71-year-old politician shocked
world community by reporting their disbelief in the global
changing of the climate. Following his decree, the United States withdrew from
Paris Agreement Governing Carbon Mitigation Measures
Earth’s atmosphere. It got absurd: Trump blamed the Chinese for
that they invented the concept of global warming and declared that
America does not intend to participate in such a “conspiracy.”

Activists explain that the only way to make a person
to believe in something – to demonstrate this to him. because
environmentalists and will erect a monument depicting the “main
unbeliever in climate change. ” Near the sculpture put
webcams that will broadcast in real time
slow melting of the statue. So global warming, in
who refuses to believe the president of America, “will destroy Trump”
in front of the inhabitants of the planet. Maybe then the head of the “citadel of democracy”
understand that he was wrong, and think about the preservation of the Earth.

According to the plan of the Finns, the ice monument will have a height of 35
meters and a width of 20 meters. The creation of the statue will be engaged sculptors from
Finland and Mongolia. Such work will take them about 4 weeks.
The project cost is estimated at 400 thousand euros, most
which environmentalists intend to collect in the form

And mystics at this time predict that such a large-scale
the project to which its organizers want to attract the attention of all
the world may not really be a demonstration of the wrong view
Trump on the ecology of the planet, and lead to a real death
�”The last president of the United States.” After all, human thought is material,
and the combined thoughts of billions of people is a global force.
It remains only to wait for the Trump ice monument to melt.
Perhaps this will be the moment of the collapse of the United States, oh
which almost all prophets have long spoken. And not only
they, read about this interesting material on our portal –
�”The last president of the United States is Trump.”

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