Dragon skull discovered in Africa

A skull belonging to an unknown creature washed ashore in
East Africa. Locals were very surprised by this
a find and suggested that we are talking about a fragment of the remains
mythical dragon. The mysterious skull has powerful jaws and
long fangs. Unfortunately, in the village where this was done
discovery, there were no experts able to shed light on
the nature of these remains.

However, World Wide Web users are also not able to
determine who owns the skull. Someone thinks that
hippopotamus, but other commentators disagree with such
by theory. And the aborigines themselves, constantly faced with
Hippopotamus, for sure, would immediately identify this similarity, if
it really took place. Anyway, mysterious artifact
continues to cause heated debate among the regulars of the Network.

Hopefully, biologists will become interested in the skull and give
a precise definition of who he still belongs to. Maybe on
really unknown to science an ancient animal that once
wandered in these parts. As for the mythical dragon, all
the finds of his remains turned out to be either a hoax, or
erroneous assessment when people confused skeletons of unknowns to science
dinosaurs with these mythical animals – is strong, it turns out, in
us faith in fairy tales and legends. Probably why the Internet
there are constantly photos and even videos (see below) with dragons,
which supposedly appear in our world so far …

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