Draungai Island – the place where they still livetrolls

This Icelandic island, rising steeply from the waters of the bay
The Skaga Fjord, is a remnant of a 700,000-year-old volcano and
consists mainly of volcanic tuff.

Draungei seems impregnable, and indeed, far from
everyone manages to climb it. According to ancient
a legend, the fjord was once crossed by giants who roamed at night –
the man and woman with whom their cow was. Suddenly
caught in the dawn, all three turned to stone. Isle
Draungei is a petrified cow; located south of Kedling –
former female giant; Kadl (respectively, male giant),
who was to the north, disappeared many years ago …

At the sight of the gloomy cliffs of Draunghey, 180 meters towering
over the sea, it seems that the island is not inhabited by anyone and
lifeless. However, the one who manages to reach the top will
quite surprised by the huge variety of birds nesting on these
the rocks.

In the eighth century, Icelandic bird-catchers began to visit
Draungei in order to catch and profitably sell the local birds. but
for some unknown reason, these people began to disappear, causing the island
gained notoriety. There are rumors that dwell on it
trolls, убивающие непрошеных гостей. Sometimes, to go down to
nests, catchers used ropes – and they inexplicably
broke off, after which people fell from the cliffs down. When looking at
torn ropes seemed to be cut by someone
a sharp object …

Now people were afraid not only to step on the island, but even
approach him. So it was until the Icelandic bishop
Gudmund Arason the Good did not go to the ominous island to
find out what happens there.

Upon arriving at Draungai, the bishop moved to his northern
extremity. There he secured the ropes brought with him and
began to descend the cliff, carefully watching all that
going around. Suddenly the holy father saw out of the crevasse
stretched out a huge hand covered with hair and began to cut
strung ropes. The mysterious creature managed to cut two of
of them, the third remained whole through the bishop’s hot prayer, which
saved his life.

Returning from his perilous journey, Gudmund Arason
reported that, with the exception of the northern part, the whole Draungei is consecrated.
Since then, the northern tip of the island has been considered disastrous for
человека местом, где обитают trolls. And today, none of
the climbers will not dare to climb the Draunghei cliffs from its north
parties. Icelanders believe that magic still lives here.
underground creatures that prefer not to appear to people on
eyes but keenly watching them …

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