Drone accidentally captured a ghost inancient castle

Ghosts usually get into the lenses of smartphones and cameras
observations, however, 41-year-old Englishman Thomas Arnold succeeded
do something out of the ordinary.

A man says that he launched a drone over English
Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire, and the drone accidentally captured
supernatural activity on the territory of the 11th century monument.
By turning on the entry below, you can see this anomaly.
with my own eyes.

When Thomas’s quadrocopter rose to a bird’s-eye view and
approached the old building, the camera of the aircraft
caught a pale object that had slipped through the courtyard of the castle.
Arnold, who lives in the city of Dursley, is convinced that it was a ghost
horse rider

It is noteworthy that some tourists have seen here before.
vague silhouette of a horse carrying a medieval one on its back
knight According to eyewitnesses, a mysterious phantom every time
appears directly from the stone wall and overcomes a couple of
tens of meters, after which it simply evaporates in the air.

The owner of the drone works as a technical producer on
TV, and therefore understands the video much better
average man in the street. Thomas studied his video frame by frame.
and determined that a white object on it is not a reflection of light in
a lens, a bunch of dust in front of a drone or something similar. This, without
всякого сомнения, привидение средневекового knight In a word,
launch quadrocopter that time was very successful!

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