Dubai police will change to Russianflying motorcycles

A month ago, we wrote about a promising Russian development
�”HoverBike Scorpion-3″. Craftsmen from a domestic company
�”HoverSurf” invented a flying motorcycle and successfully presented their
brainchild on the race track “Moscow Raceway” in the suburbs.

The advanced vehicle has 4 powerful engines,
twisting 4 screws. Motorcycle weighing 150 kilograms running from
batteries weighing 50 kilograms. The so-called hoverbike is capable
reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour and climb to a height
few meters. A full battery lasts half an hour flight
while recharging takes 4 hours. Cost of one
�”HoverBike Scorpion-3″ is 50-80 thousand dollars.

No one believed that there would be anyone willing to buy such cars.
very soon Police of the largest city of the United Arab
Emirates ordered from HoverSurf
which can also be filled with traditional fuel. it
will allow the motorcycle to fly for an hour and even carry loads in bulk
up to 300 kilograms.

Thus, Dubai law enforcement officers will cut through the air
on innovative flying machines, just like in scientific
fiction. it позволит блюстителям закона быстрее добираться из
one point of their populous city to another, ignoring
vehicles on the roads. In addition, motorcycle hybrids and
quadcopter can be controlled remotely to, say,
chasing criminals without danger

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