During a storm over Sydney UFO pumped outenergy from a thundercloud

Amateur photographer from the Australian city of Sydney captured on
video is an incredible phenomenon during stormy weather. Around
several huge luminous clouds appeared in the night sky in the night sky
balls that are actively moving near the clouds.

Explain what happened rationally by the author could not. She is
sent the material to ufologists, and they concluded that it was about
unidentified flying objects pumped out of a cloud
electricity. A strong storm attracted at least four “flying
plates ”, two of which at some point flew right into
a cloud

This is what ufologists from the UFO Today community write about:

During a thunderstorm over Sydney on December 15, 2017, one of
Residents of the city managed to catch a few UFOs in the camera lens.
She is использовала функцию замедленной съемки, чтобы записать на
video large cloud, sparkling with many bright lightning. The author of these
Frames did not see anything suspicious while shooting. When
Australian has transferred the received record to her computer, she
swept up these amazing UFOs flying toward the storm. She is
sent us her amazing video that didn’t capture
fewer than four “flying saucers” moving near the thundercloud.
Two of them even fly inside the cloud – probably in order to
collect there colossal energy. This video is another
evidence that UFOs have the ability to produce electricity
out of the clouds In addition, alien ships have repeatedly noticed
erupting volcanoes. Most likely, they can receive energy
and thus.

The unique video has collected about 45 thousand views. Many
“YouTube” users considered that “mysterious lights” in the very
In fact, they received electricity from a cloud. Other commentators reported
that the alleged alien aircraft were simply studying our
thunderstorm, because on their home planet, for example, such an atmospheric
the phenomenon is different or absent altogether. According to
third World Wide Web patrons, these were fireballs.
Finally, skeptics argue that we are confronted with what’s not
consonants ufologists society “UFO Today”, which previously
they study for photo and
footage, and only then comment on him, if he additionally
worthy of Anyway, the video has become a little sensation.
continues to attract the attention of web users.

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