During the construction of the Crimean bridge already foundabout a million artifacts

About a million valuable archaeological finds have already been done on
the construction of the famous bridge across the Kerch Strait, and
this is clearly not the limit. At a recent meeting on
construction of a high-profile building, Russian officials and scientists
discussed the importance of preserving the cultural heritage, which
constantly found here.

During operation, launched in 2014, the total area
excavations amounted to over 56 hectares, while the number of found
artifacts may soon pass for a million. In this way,
The 19-kilometer bridge not only connected the Crimea with the continental
Russia, but also presented our country with many valuable
archaeological finds.

It is reported that more than a hundred thousand of them represent a large
scientific interest, and therefore will be or have already been transferred to domestic
museum collections. Some of these cultural institutions were
Taman Museum Complex and East Crimean Historical and Cultural
museum preserve.

The greatest concentration of finds, according to archaeologists,
observed on the approaches to the bridge. There, for example, was discovered
fragment of terracotta sculpture, having the shape of a male head.
An artifact was unexpectedly found during an underwater excavation, when
divers studied the accumulation of ancient ceramics. It is assumed that
the head belonged to the statue, depicting a kind of ancient Greek

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