Dust removal factory for masteringMars

Whatever they write about the Red Planet, whatever theories are built
conspiracy therapists and ufologists, in reality, scientists just quietly
готовятся к колонизации Mars, разрабатывая необходимые для этого
technology and tools.

In particular, the team led by Kurt Leicht (NASA,
software flights to other planets of the solar
systems) is currently developing a mining system
water, oxygen and fuel from the Martian soil.

As it became known to journalists, this system is called – In
situ resource utilization (ISRU), which can be translated into Russian,
as a “machine for recycling local resources.” Although Kurt himself calls
his brainchild processing enterprise, or rather, even –
dust removal factory. Arriving on Mars, ISRU will immediately begin
extract water from the regolith (loose dust on the Red Planet)
then by electrolysis most of it will be divided into
oxygen and hydrogen. The last chemical element of the factory will combine with
carbon, which in parallel with other tasks will begin to catch
в атмосфере Mars, и благодаря этому получится метан — отличное
rocket fuel for subsequent space missions.

The ISRU system, as NASA scientists say, will go to Red
the planet before the start of colonization by its people, thanks to which
astronauts will be able to be on Mars without any problems, and then
return to Earth …

As we see, there are no American corporation space plans.
nothing that would cause confusion. Of course, in order to
go to Mars, there is still much to be done, but with
something should be started, as a rule, from small, which will generate
then big. This is only a dreamer Ilon Musk immediately takes the bull for
horns: then recruiting volunteers for a flight to the Red Planet, then
suddenly thinks about whether hydrogen bombs should be dropped on Mars
in order to change the atmosphere there, and so on.

According to Kurt Leicht, ufologists and conspiracologists in their theories and
assumptions went no further than Ilona Mask, only they, unlike
American billionaire PR man does nothing at all, only
fantasize …

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