Dwarfs, who see our children

If you don’t believe in gnomes, elves and trolls, it’s not at all
It means that they are not in this world. You just became adults
too old and lost touch with childhood. Why the kid
believe in miracles? Yes, because he looks at this world widely
eyes open and expects magical gifts from him. And peace
willing to meet …

The first story. Pro gnome, which amused one brother and
scared of another …

This story began in 1948. in liberty in missouri.
Dan Bortko was quite small when his family moved here from
Kansas. The house where they began to live was built in the 20s, in
the last time he was empty. There was a house on top of a hill
there was an old barn nearby …

Four years have passed, and once with a five-year Dan, something happened
what is called a miracle. The boy slept in a room with two younger
brothers. Something woke him in the middle of the night. Dan opened his eyes: in
the foot of the bed was an old man of very small stature. He had
big nose and long white beard. The old man looked like a gnome with
holiday cards. He wore, for example, leather shorts on
German style. In the hands of a man holding a smoking smoking
the tube.

Dan was so surprised that he didn’t even get scared and only in all eyes
looked at his guest. The dwarf also silently looked at the boy, then
smiled, winked at him, and disappeared into a wardrobe.

After that, Dan, looking out of the bedroom window, often saw
little men, and always – near the old barn. Once he
even drew a gnome who visited him at night. When this
the picture saw Dan’s younger brother, Bill, he was very scared and
burst into tears. And whenever the ill-fated drawing came across Bill
on the eyes, the baby hit in tears. As you can see, one brother is a dwarf
amused, and the other frightened – perhaps because he was
capricious and sneaky. As for the parents, they stayed in
ignorant and believed that Dan had some kind of imaginary friend, with
which the boy often says …

The second story. About the gnome who came to the storm …

Today, Dave Barsalow is a handsome middle-aged American, but he
well remembers the almost fabulous story that happened to him in
ten years old. Dave lived in New York then – with his
parents, sister and grandmother.

… That night there was a strong thunderstorm, and the boy woke up from the rolls
thunder He was alone in his bedroom. Suddenly in the noise of the wind and the roar
Heaven Dave heard some more sounds. It was a moan or a howl,
but he did not resemble human crying or the whine of an animal.
The boy felt uneasy. For a while he was still lying wrapped up
in a blanket, but then he could not stand it, got out of bed and spanked in
Grandma’s room, which was closer than the others. Dave quietly sniffed
to the grandmother under a blanket, he did not want to wake her. However the woman is not
sleeping. Hugging her grandson, she pulled him close and asked in a whisper:

– You’re scared?

– Grandma, and what is this howl? – in turn asked

“It’s the wind howling,” the woman replied.

“No, it’s someone alive,” Dave persisted. – Don’t you
do you hear?

“My dear, there is no one there,” said grandmother confidently. –
Close your eyes and sleep.

Dave realized that she was no longer inclined to talk, and did
pretend to fall asleep. In fact, he listened keenly to the sounds
coming from the street. Now the strange howl was already moving, like
moving creature. Rounding the house, he approached the wall, behind
which was the grandmother’s room, and therefore, was in some
two feet from the boy …

Dave was lying, afraid to move, and thought about why his
Grandma can’t hear it. And suddenly he realized that she was just
pretending – pretending not to scare him anymore …

After some time, the howl became quieter, the storm also gradually
calmed down. Dave fell asleep. Waking up, he saw the sunlight,
breaking through the curtains. Grandmother was not in the room, and the boy
went to look for her. The living room and kitchen were empty, and Dave decided that
grandmother in the yard. Opening the front door, he froze in amazement.

Armed with a rag, the woman laundered the porch from dirty
traces left by somebody’s tiny feet. It seemed that
inherited a newborn baby or a mechanical doll.

– What is it? – Dave exclaimed in awe. – Grandma what are you
are you doing?

But then behind him came the voices of the mother and sister. Grandmother
sternly pressed her finger to her lips and nodded to the boy to enter
in the house, and she continued cleaning. So, except for her and Dave, nobody
saw striking traces. Several times the boy tried
ask the grandmother about the night guest, but she either laughed or
pretended not to understand her grandson.

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