Earth can destroy a large asteroidToutatis

Tautatis is a space object with a diameter of 5 kilometers and
weighing at least 50 billion tons. This giant asteroid here
already several times approached in our planet, threatening to destroy

Indeed, a collision with such a colossus does not promise the Earth
nothing good, most likely on the planet just will not
modern civilization, and all other life, both terrestrial and
underwater, change radically.

Asteroid Tautatis very peculiar form – it is in the form of a nut
peanut. True, astronomers believe that in the distant past they were
two separate space objects connected to each other
in some fantastic way. The whimsical form of tautatis
creates enormous difficulties for scientists because of what they cannot
accurately calculate the trajectory of the asteroid, and therefore the time
when he gets close to Earth again. Moreover – as far as it will be
dangerous for our planet to learn for the same reason also very
problematic. This is why Tautatis is considered the most dangerous.
an asteroid that can really arrange for our civilization
so long-awaited apocalypse. Currently astronomers
believe that supposedly (but not one hundred percent) giant
space hermit may face the blue ball in 2065

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