Earth is coming to the asteroid cloud: how muchit is dangerous?

As officially reported by astronomers from all over the world, 12
October of this year to the Earth at a rather dangerous distance
approach an asteroid codenamed 2012 TC4, which in
The Internet a lot of all kinds of information.

In general terms, we can say that it is doubled in diameter
more Chelyabinsk meteorite, that is, as reported by scientists
astronomers, is not particularly dangerous for our planet.
True, if bangs on any metropolis, it will be
equivalent to a hydrogen bomb dropped on a city. Especially
such a danger exists – according to forecasts, the asteroid will pass by
of our planet just 94800 kilometers away – by space
standards it almost closely.

However, it is not only this that worries: according to conspiracy therapists
among which is nemelo and professional astronomers, asteroids are not
fly one by one. That is, next to large meteorites necessarily
dozens of smaller ones follow, and the distance between them is far
not cosmic, and therefore you should always say that it flies to Earth
not an asteroid, but an asteroid cloud. Especially уловить и просчитать
the trajectories of this whole armada of cosmic bodies are not always possible.

It is sad to say, but the official
astronomy science, in spite of all modern telescopes and
technology, even some large asteroids, notices only
then, when they already, thank God, flew by. Of the last

Asteroid 2017 SQ2 (193,000 km) – September 18,
asteroids 2017 SM2 (303,000 km) and 2017 SR2 (88500 km) – 20
September Three rather large objects flew only this
week, crept unnoticed, and each of them could well fall on
Earth And how many more on the approach, that is, of those that no one
sees, does not know their trajectories, nor their size, much less
possible convergence with our planet?

Conspiracy theorists remembered about this and the Third Prophecy
Lucia, who was the main participant of the Miracle in Fatima. She reported
that in the region of October 13, 2017 a huge
a rock that will generate a wave of colossal height that will wash away the whole
mainland. Assume that, along with asteroid 2012 TC4 to Earth
they fly again to gather him, and one of them will crash just 13
October is completely easy given how we can trace
for flights of celestial bodies.

So we wait and hope for the mercy of God. It is possible to calm
Of course, remember that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was still
shot down by someone. And since we do not have this technology, he could
only be aliens. And if so, there is hope that they (or
their system of protecting the Earth from space “gifts”)
will save us this time too, if, of course, there will be

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