Earth – the landfill for aliens, on which theysolve all sorts of tasks

You can arbitrarily argue about the presence of aliens on our
planet, however, more and more people believe this because
really make sure that the governments of the Earth through
various media, including the Internet, try to make this topic
if not completely forbidden, then not completely serious. And this is already
suspicious and suggestive.

And here another, more serious question arises – and what
aliens are doing on our planet, especially as in the official
contact with us, they do not enter, and contact, most likely,
only with the powers that be who help in some way the alien
races (must be understood, not for free), and therefore hide this

Conspiracy theorists put forward many theories of what is needed.
aliens from us and our planet. Here are the basic versions:

  • useful resources of the Earth, this is confirmed by many strange gorges
    and mountains, for example, the Grand Canyon in the USA, where uranium was obviously mined,
    and using technologies that people do not possess before
    so far;
  • the energy of people is especially interesting to aliens, apparently
    the energy of our suffering, causing the UFOs to literally “teem” in the sky over
    theaters of battle and bloodshed. It is possible that all these slaughter
    and mass suffering is specially arranged by the Illuminati, who
    are in the servants of the aliens;
  • the people themselves, as a bioresource for the production of the medicine they need,
    the elixir of youth or something like that;
  • entertainment and scientific research, and therefore the Earth may well
    for them to be the theater of some games, experiments (the same genes) and

And, as some ufologists say, all this can
exist together, that is, someone from the aliens need uranium,
someone – gold, others arrange biological on our planet
experiments, and still others – just use our energy
of suffering. At the same time, the Earth itself is conceived as a kind of prison for
reeducation or perfection of souls.

But the ufologist Meagan Angus recently shared with users
of your resource Seattle Weekly is another interesting theory.
An independent researcher, studying many materials related to
aliens came to the conclusion that they can use the Earth and
like a plantation for drug production.

Notice, writes Mr. Angus on his website, that in
African Dogon carried the worship of Sirius,
so cannabis herb, which the Western world calls hemp.
And the word “cannabis” is translated as “two dogs”, however
Sirius is a star of two dogs. Remember also American
Cherokee Indians who called hemp galunlati and
explained its origin as a gift of “star people”. I.e
it was these “gods” (aliens) that taught people to grow and even
to worship drugs as the “drops of the sweat of the most high.” And,
note that no government effort is in any way affected
on the spread and even prosperity of the plantation with hemp.

Meagan Angus, in his time promoting the theory that
aliens extract and take a huge amount of gold from Earth,
today added to these “useful for aliens resources” more
and drugs. We don’t know why they need gold and hemp, but what they
collect this tribute from our planet – undoubtedly claims

By the way, add that a resident of Argentina Werner Jaisley built
near the city of Kachi, a landing site for UFOs, since he considered
(allegedly received a telepathic order from aliens) that contact with
aliens are still not there for the most banal reason: humans
have not built a single landing site for their “flying
plates. True platform for meeting representatives of foreign races
Jaisley turned out to be somewhat caricatured (from multicolored
bricks, mostly white, scattered in a mysterious pattern),
however, the researcher himself claims that this is exactly what is needed
пришельцам, а не земные ресурсы, наши страдания и etc. Well,
wait and see who is right here …

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