Earthquakes occurred at three points at once.planets what was a warning

Tonight there were three strong earthquakes from 6.6 to 7.5
on the Richter scale – on the border of Iraq and Iran, off the coast
Japan and the Republic of Costa Rica (Central America). Serious
I must say, the shaking of the Earth, however, if we consider how our planet
shakes lately, nothing special if it were not for some

First, it is very strange that all three shocks in different parts
the light occurred at the same time (at night from 12 to 13 November 2017
year), although it is with some stretch can be taken as a coincidence.
Secondly, 8 hours before the devastating strike in Iran (7.5 points),
from which, in fact, it all started on one of the most popular
American conspiracy forums appeared strange

The fuse will burn out exactly after 8 hours. Nothing more
I can not say – all see for yourself. In any case, the media and
television will talk about it all day long. Get ready
to shock …

US intelligence clearly traces such messages, but at this
at first, no one paid attention – inadequate stuffing, which
There are a lot of forums. But exactly 8 hours later, something happened
there was a “surge of inadequate”, and therefore he was immediately remembered.
However, the author could not be found: he used an anonymous proxy
through Belgium. However, incognito soon manifested itself again on the forum,
now his warning sounded like this:

Everything is just beginning. Wait for new shock events, now –
from the sky. And do not believe what you will be told about it.

While the US intelligence agencies are trying to somehow connect all this with the possible
test of the hydrogen bomb, say, in Iran or Iraq,
conspiracy therapists put forward their own version of the events that began. Maybe,
they write, the lithospheric plates “pushed” the Guardians, whose base
located under the ice of Antarctica, as has already been said many times
(watch the video). It is possible that this warning “elite”
Earth, that it is time to stop in an insane preparation for a new one, now
already a nuclear world war. If the governments of world powers
today will not come to their senses, the Guardians may well proceed with the sweep
our civilization, which has long passed all bounds

Such a sweep, write conspiracy, long overdue, if not
overdue already, and who is worthy of salvation, he will certainly be saved!

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