Edgar Cayce predictions for 2018: whatwaiting for the whole world

The famous American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, whom
was called a “sleeping prophet” because he saw the future only in
a special trance, very much like a dream, left predictions for 2018

First, he predicted the awfully cold winter that awaits us
in the coming weeks (however, many more later). notice, that
Casey gave a forecast mainly for the USA, warning that winter
The beginning of 2018 will be just awful for North America. She is
will be accompanied by heavy snowfalls and frosts, which in
The latitudes of the United States have never been. By the way
such low temperatures will, in his opinion, be catastrophic
for America’s prefab houses with thin walls and many windows,
of which in the United States a lot. And although about the winter of 2018 in the remaining parts
the light of the prophet did not say anything, it must be assumed that the coming winter
will be a serious test for all mankind (at least
for many countries) – they warn about it today
weather forecasters.

So about the upcoming harsh winter, Edgar Cayce seems to be
gave a correct prediction 75 years ago, as, however, he was not mistaken and
in the rest of their prophecies. And if so, then the United States is destined
avoid all other terrible predictions, for example, the possible
megatsunami (it is, according to some conspiracy theorists,
�”Planned” to happen literally tomorrow), apocalyptic
earthquakes and hurricanes, the explosion of the supervolcano Yellowstone and so
further, not to mention the atomic war with the DPRK, which may also
end badly for North America. It is better, as they say,
get a little cold …

As for humanity as a whole, Casey predicted that
By the end of 2018, people will begin to learn telepathy, and after ten
years, that is, by 2028 all technical communications will be
are simply not needed (I wonder how companies will perceive this information
involved in mobile communications?)

Finally, in 2018, and most importantly, Jesus will appear on Earth
Christ (his second coming). Savior, said “sleeping
prophet “, will appear to people in the form of a nine-year-old boy who
will heal any disease with just the touch of your hand. News of him
spread quickly around the world. Little Messiah is recognized
all the churches of the world, with its parishes, the Earth is waiting for enlightenment and
cardinal changes for the better, and humanity as a whole is a spiritual

But that is all in the distant future. For now – severe winter
which should be a test not only for the United States, but also for Russia.
True, for Russians, severe frosts are not a big hut, but a severe
�“Grandfather Frost” – even a friend and savior: it’s enough to remember
On this occasion, 1941, when it was the frosts that stopped the rapid
promotion of the Germans to Moscow. Winter for Russia, even the most severe and
snow is still a beautiful snow fairy tale …

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