Eisenhower Treaty – Americans and Aliensat the same time

Американцы и инопланетяне, 1957 год

In 1953, American astronomers discovered an approaching
Earth unidentified flying object. Aliens have landed on
Air Force base and appealed to the US government with mutually beneficial
proposal: aliens will help the spiritual development of the inhabitants of the Earth in
exchange for nuclear disarmament of the planet. Representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations insisted that it was too early for earthlings to know the newest
space technology because of intellectual and moral
backwardness. Pollution and plundering of planetary resources people, according to
aliens destroy themselves. USA met alien conditions
with suspicion, but still signed a contract, which later
will be named after the meeting of goodwill alien ambassadors
General Eisenhower. Everything that happened was recorded on videotape,
which is kept under the heading “top secret” somewhere in secret
archives. It is assumed that the main clause of the contract states
mutual non-interference in the development of the history of earthlings and
aliens. Since the terms of the contract, like the contract itself,
kept secret, then about the consequences of such cooperation
speak very difficult. It may be that Americans and
aliens will soon peacefully divide the earth among themselves, and
maybe the denouement of the treaty will be a bloody star-style battle
wars Nobody knows that, but the truth is, it is somewhere near …

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