Electric cars Tesla were less environmentally friendly,than cars on gasoline

Electric cars have long been criticized by independent
environmentalists, because the promised natural purity of these
vehicles, to put it mildly, are too exaggerated. The thing is
that electric cars consume energy generated in
mainly on thermal and hydroelectric stations, the environmental friendliness of which,
no doubt a big question.

For example, the specialists of the London company Engaged Tracking
analyzed how much greenhouse gases are obtained when
production and then the exploitation of the world lauded
Maskom Tesla electric cars, which are used instead of diesel fuel and
gasoline electric traction. It is the environmental friendliness of Tesla machines.
presented as the greatest achievement of these modern
road vehicles.

However, the study showed that the amount of greenhouse gases
produced by the production of the electric Tesla (in
particular batteries) and fuel for it as a whole exceeds the same
performance for a regular car with an internal engine
combustion (almost one and a half times). It turns out that “a real breakthrough”
in the modern automotive industry, which so loudly declared
Mask, nothing more than a marketing ploy. No wonder this ambitious
billionaire is more considered a great marketer and advertiser than
scientists, although Ilon is positioning himself as a specialist: in
ecology, space, computers and even in anticipation of the future
development of our society.

But analyst from the company Engaged writes about Tesla machines
Tracking Jonathan Harris:

In general, carbon dioxide emissions for one car of both models
Tesla Model S is a year at least one and a half tons, which
significantly more petrol car. And the same
about performance and other manufacturers of trucks,
although, for example, the BMW i3 produces 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
It turns out that the praised electric cars “Tesla” are the most
ecologically dirty cars even among electric cars, not to mention
comparing them with ordinary cars …

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