Eminent astronomer reported when we meetaliens

Seth Shostak, the main known astronomer
research organization “SETI”, reported that
mankind is only a couple of decades from finding
extraterrestrial life forms. Recall that the American non-profit
Institute “SETI”, founded in 1984, is engaged in research
origin, evolution and spread of life in the universe. Other
словами, поиск aliens — одна из ключевых задач этих

According to Shostak, by 2037 we should come across
living organisms outside of our planet. Even in the galaxy
The Milky Way, where our solar system is located, should be
enough planets where biological life once originated. With
этом астрономом отмечает, что aliensе могут оказаться как
the simplest single-celled and intelligent beings, significantly
ahead of our civilization in development. It remains only to wait
maximum 20 years.

The eminent scientist says that microbes can be on
Mars or the moons of Jupiter: Europe, Callisto and Ganymede, that is,
roughly speaking, at arm’s length from Earth. Shostak and his
colleagues have calculated that within our planetary system of such places
must be at least seven. But in search of intelligent life for people
science will probably have to fly far into the depths of space that
may also soon become quite accessible to humanity
by reality.

Some Western journalists have already ironically noted that
Shostak is 74 years old, and it’s far from a fact that he will live to 94. Paparazzi
joking that the American comes very far-sightedly making a forecast
at a time when it may not be in this world, and
there will be no one to ask for this forecast. However, on the other hand,
a scientist can totally believe in his words. In the end he
possesses extensive knowledge of space, which is simple
the townsfolk did not even dream.

With этом уфологи в недоумении пожимают плечами: Шостак ищет то,
what we have in front of our nose and has long been clicking on this nose …

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