End to conspiracy theories: Hitlerunequivocally died in 1945

The French researchers succeeded, as they said, once and for all
prove that Adolf Hitler died at the end of World War II, and
did not move secretly to live in South America or somewhere else, for example,
to the mysterious base of the German Nazis in Antarctica. In 1945 he
committed suicide in Berlin, taking cyanide potassium, while
as the true commander in chief of his army, ordered after that
shoot yourself.

To determine this, specialists have received the rarest access to
fragments of the remains of the leader of the Third Reich, stored in Moscow
archive of the Federal Security Service. It’s about the skull and teeth
a man considered the late dictator of the Third Reich.
The results of this work were published in a scientific publication.
�European Journal of Internal Medicine.

It is reported that for the first time since 1946, scientists have gained access to
valuable remains of the führer. Prof. Philippe Charlier, author
This study says that the bones, as it turned out, in
actually belong to the nazi leader. Experts used
radiography of Hitler’s skull, made in 1944. It turned out that
it fully corresponds to the skull with a bullet hole,
stored in the Russian capital.

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