“Energy Entities” scattered acrosstexas workshop

The following video was taken a few nights
back in one of the workshops of the american city of san antonio state

According to the owner of the company, for many years here
unexplained phenomena occur. Glowing balls appear in
air from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. Now supposed
anomalism, they say, it hit the local cell at night
observations when there were no employees in the building.

Mysterious shots in fact demonstrate a lot of incomprehensible
whitish objects flying in the air, like sentient beings, and
leaving behind a bright plume. Workshop owner entirely
I am convinced that this portal opens periodically in
parallel dimension, from where in our world some penetrate
amazing energy essences. They do not harm anyone and not
they are disgraceful, but Americans, as you might guess,
puzzled and moderately frightened by such a strange neighborhood.

The World Wide Web has been hotly debating
nature of this phenomenon. Many netizens stated that
we have only lighted particles of dust whose motion
due to poor recording quality it seems blurry. From here, they say, and
plume. However, other Internet regulars honestly
believed that this was a supernatural phenomenon
of nature.

What do you think? Does this “miracle” look unconvincing, by
your opinion? Or it’s not as simple as it seems to skeptics and

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