Energy strike from space is now delivered toGreece

That is the conclusion reached by conspiracy therapists, after analyzing
пожары в Greece, в результате которых погибли десятки мирных
citizens. But after all the similar picture was already observed at the end of the past.
years in California USA.

There were also terrible fires, there was an evacuation of hundreds of thousands
the Americans of this state, and as a result – several destroyed
fire settlements, there were, of course, victims. But surprised
then the researchers are not this, but the fact that the burnt villages
represented a rather strange look: fire, creating temperature,
which even melted the glass of buildings and cars, did not touch
nearby trees, which is impossible in principle. Unless, of course,
suggest that someone from space was destroying objects

World conspiracy theorists have discussed this for some time.
subject, broke spears, as they say, even made a few
documentaries on the subject and … safely forgot about
what happened miracle.

И вот нечто подобное повторилось — теперь в Greece. When smoke
over Athens more or less dissipated, the gaze of the operators appeared
again, a rather strange picture: the burning temperature of buildings,
the cars around them were so huge that the stela melted
aluminum and iron-titanium alloys (melting point
last from 1500 degrees Celsius). However trees standing
just a few meters from the buildings from this, to put it mildly,
�“Martin”, absolutely not affected (!)

What is this, again a focused beam from space? But who and why
does it all? Operators even searched UFO video frames,
who could be involved in such a strange tragedy. But…
nothing is seen, and the laser that hits from space to catch on
the camera is simply impossible …

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