English family captures activitiespoltergeist in his house

Family from the English city of Gravesend in Kent
claims to have an invisible supernatural in her home
force periodically fumbling there.

54-year-old Robert, 52-year-old Pauline, and their 33-year-old son Barry
captured the tricks of the alleged poltergeist on video. Turning on
the following entry, you can see the mysterious
activity of this devilry.

For example, a moment came to the camera lens when Barry was brewing
myself and parents of coffee, and one of the cups suddenly began
spontaneously move around the table right under his nose. Besides
Moreover, in the home of the British, objects fall to the floor by themselves,
chairs move, doors close and open. Family lives
here for more than 10 years, and the supernatural cohabitant bothers
home owners since at least 2013.

Our heroes report that they are already fairly accustomed to the presence
poltergeist, since besides innocent pranks, he does not
nothing to cause the family real damage, not to mention
something more serious, such as intentional sabotage. but
their guests are often intimidated by such paranormal activity and
recommend that the family contact a psychic or a priest.

The British only chuckle at it, because seriously
believe that such an intervention in their measured life only all
will ruin: he will not chase away the poltergate, but piss him off
may well be.

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