English footballer met children fromof the future

26-year-old English footballer Ryan Mason did quite
interesting statement, and it does not apply to sports.

Midfielder of the club Hull City suffered on January 22 of this year
severe traumatic brain injury, faced on the field with
Chelsea defender Gary Cahill. Having a fracture of the bones of the skull,
the athlete was in hospital for a long time and still could not return to
football. However, this terrible experience unexpectedly turned out for Mason and
something positive.

When a Briton hit the field with his head and lost consciousness, his
taken to the nearest hospital. Just an hour after the incident, he
turned out to be in the operating room, where doctors eliminated his bleeding in
the brain and connected the broken bones of the skull with the help of many
metal brackets and plates. Then followed many months.
recovery and rehabilitation, because at first football player even
had to learn to walk again. The athlete’s personal doctor stated that
I have never seen such serious damage for my practice.
heads. However, the victim himself claims that this is not
is the main thing in what happened to him leech.

According to Mason, right after his injury, he experienced
sensationally out-of-body experience. First
Englishman thought he was dying, and Ryan is not a joke
frightened, but then he seemed to have left his mortal shell and
I found myself in an unknown place where it was extremely calm and quiet.
And he was not alone in that mysterious place. A man saw near
yourself a little boy and girl. They radiated some
incomprehensibly light energy and impressed him more
perfect and far more intelligent beings than himself. Ryan is convinced
что это были дети из of the future.

Gradually recovering from an injury, Mason managed to conceive a child.
with her lover Rachel, and now she is on the 6th month
of pregnancy. Briton assumes that children from his
the deathbed visions were harbingers of this joy in his life.
It is even possible that they are his distant descendants …

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