Enthusiast captured amazing lunarphenomenon

Enthusiast Jason Maggard, fond of shooting the sky, captured
вечером 1 мая удивительное phenomenon. About an hour after sunset
The sun above the moon in the night sky seemed a massive beam of light. is he
lasted over the horizon for about 30 minutes, then went out. Author
The video below shows that the Sun is not
illuminated the moon, and considers the incident to be a mysterious phenomenon,
requiring further study.

Maggard says that for the past three decades
watches the sunsets and sunrises of the moon and the sun, they are
different, sometimes just fantastic in their beauty and
piercing. However, he had never seen anything before.
like that captured that evening. Where did this bright
A pillar above the night luminary
There are many things about celestial phenomena – this is his interests.

Many viewers who watched this video confirmed that
early May, the moon was indeed too large and radiated
some unusual yellowish-orange glow. However, for some reason
no one except Maggard, as it turned out, saw the mysterious ray over
Selena in the evening of May 1st. The Internet also has not yet arrived
additional information about this “moonlight”. Well, we will
wait, for sure, someone must see and film this
непонятное небесное phenomenon кроме Маггарда. And where, by the way, are scientists,
who are on duty should monitor such incidents
nature and immediately explain to the unenlightened, what is it?
Explain that the average person does not build fantastic hypotheses and not
I was afraid of the signs of God. However, scientists, as always, are silent – they are
in this case, like Jason Maggard, there is nothing much to say. Miracle –
it is a miracle …

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