Entity in the chair terrified student

24 year old nurse student Rebecca Kist from English
Portsmouth claims she managed to photograph the creepy
supernatural essence.

A girl renting a country cottage with a group of other people
recently began to feel something invisible in the house
sinister. One night she woke up because her dog
Jilly snarled at the empty chair. Briton took the smartphone and
I took a picture of the room in order to look under the flash
Is there someone else in the room? There is nobody, of course, not
it turned out.

However, after a couple of days, Rebecca was looking through her own
the collection of pictures on the phone was shocked to the core,
when I found a stranger in the photo of my bedroom. That chair,
which caught the dog’s attention on that fateful night was at the time
shooting someone busy. The cysts saw on this frame thin
humanoid figure with a head that looks like a lizard. What is it
maybe the student doesn’t know why she asked for help in
The Internet.

Some users of the World Wide Web believe that it is
ghosts. For others, this is a gray alien. Third scare
the author of the photo by the fact that some unknown person looked into her house
science upright monster. If you believe the fourth, then in the picture
captured a demon.

Skeptics are naturally convinced that this is one of the much loved
paradolic illusions with them (an excellent explanation for all cases
life). Say, the shot made in the dark has turned out
low quality, and if you wish, you can consider that

Supernatural horror

Rebecca spoke about her discovery to neighbors who live here.
longer than her, and they suddenly told the girl that within these walls and
before there were strange and very frightening things. One of
former tenants even had to resort to help
paranormal investigators. They immediately determined that
dwelling present something supernatural and not too
Friendly, however, they could not get the little drum out of the cottage
– the lodger himself had to move out …

Neighbors Kist suggest that a terrible entity may be
the spirit of a young man who lived here a few years ago and
suddenly died of a heart attack. But on the other
side, suddenly this guy got a heartbreak, faced
here with something nightmarish and hostile? Maybe the demon just took.
him with you, and now you come for Rebecca? Good thing she has
have a dog…

In a word, the girl was “reassured” as best he could, now she also
thinking of escaping this damn cottage …

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