Ephemeral whitish figure watching sleepingby children

One of the users of a popular social news resource.
�“Reddit” made an intriguing publication in the section of the site dedicated to
mysticism and unexplained phenomena. According to the men, several
Nights ago, a scary, unwelcome guest visited his home.
surveillance camera.

Our hero says that there is one security camera
almost in every room of his house, including in the children’s bedroom. AND
most recently, such a device recorded a strange presence
in the room of the sons of man. There literally from “nowhere”
materialized vague anthropomorphic figure.

Whitish human silhouette on the video below.
standing motionless by one of the beds of the sleeping brothers, and judging by
всему, молча наблюдает за by children. At a certain point in the room
mother of boys comes in to check if everything is alright
She clearly does not notice anything unusual in the bedroom.

The sinister figure on the record was discovered by the father of the family.
by chance the next day. Our hero set up the monitor
security and unexpectedly noticed on frames with sleeping sons
the alleged entity. ANDспуганный мужчина поспешил
Demonstrate an eerie video to his spouse.

Startled by this discovery, the couple conducted a small investigation.
and found out that in the 1920s a widow named
Mildred Lawler, who raised two sons alone and a daughter.
The children of the woman died during the outbreak of tuberculosis, and she herself then
from grief she hung herself in these very walls.

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