Ernst Muldashev proves that stones also havesoul

Of course, not every stone has a soul, says the scientist
famous surgeon, ophthalmologist, writer and traveler Ernst
Muldashev, however, in Russia, in particular on the territory of the Trans-Urals – in
Bashkiria has “stone people” – idols five meters long,
трехногие фигуры, которые имеют soul.

Ernst Muldashev and his colleagues in the study of such “spiritual
stones “conducted for this purpose an interesting expedition” From the life
stones “, going to Kazakhstan, where, like Bashkiria, with one
parties collected legends about stone people – tash kesh, and on the other –
searched for stone idols themselves, which are comparable to living
spiritual personalities.

By the way, this is what a geologist member of this expedition says about this.
Alexey Saveliev:

Call stone idols alive – this statement sounds
pretty fantastic for a simple man in the street, but every geologist
working with minerals for a long time comes to this understanding
things – stones have consciousness. Another thing that stone
Buldashev’s idols are special spiritual personalities of the distant past
Of the earth.

By the way, on the Internet about the once existing silicon
life on Earth quite a lot of materials, just push off
at least from the mysterious mountain “Devil’s Tower”, which is located in
Wyoming, USA. And for starters, you can see below
video. All this is very interesting, not by chance Ernst Muldashev
long and hard studying their stone idols, recognizing in them
once living on Earth intelligent beings …

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