Ethical debates broke out afterscientists have supported life in the brains of decapitated pigs

Scientists from Yale University have made a breakthrough in
science, in particular in medicine: for 36 hours they supported life in
brains extracted from decapitated pigs. Researchers
visited the slaughterhouse, where they took for the experiments more than a hundred pigs

Specialists removed the brains from them and hooked up to a special
the system pumping in artificial blood. Despite
that the bodies showed no electrical activity, their
cells continued to be alive.

According to the Americans, in the future such a procedure will be possible
do with the brains of other creatures, including humans.
Experts believe that by supporting life in the human brain, they
will be able to conduct various studies and experiments that will be
indispensable for medicine.

However, scientists still have a long way to go before
the world community will agree to such dubious
experiments on man. The fact is that even the revitalization of the brain
pigs made a heated debate about the ethical side
similar experiences.

Representatives of Yale University claim: does not exist
no evidence that animals, or rather their brains,
were conscious. However, critics suggest that
the main organ of the central nervous system is partially alive, so in
there may be remnants of consciousness and emotions in the form of pain,
suffering and so on.

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