Europeans will experience a very harsh winter.

Despite all the predictions of scientists about the global greenhouse
effect, really for Europe is the “notorious warming”
turns climate change for the worse. Residents
European countries have felt this already in the past few years in
due to the manifestations of various unpleasant natural anomalies here,
and now the Europeans are also awaited by an incredibly harsh winter, which
By the way, the great American seer Edgar predicted

About this weather forecasters warn. Cold snap on
Continent scientists explain that due to the increase
temperatures in the Atlantic, changing sea currents and traditional
already wind. And this will lead to the fact that the European territory
cyclones unprecedented here for many decades and
anticyclones, which will bring not only snowstorms, but also
incredibly severe Arctic frosts that will reach to
minus 40 degrees Celsius.

Contribute to this, of course, and what is now observed
the lowest activity of the sun – a cycle with such characteristics
Sevtila was last recorded approximately in the XVII century.
That is why we can even talk about the general cooling of the Earth.
(instead of the notorious warming). However, if for Russians, and
especially residents of Siberia, such severe frosts and hurricanes – the usual
business, then for many European countries it will be real
test of strength, not only public utilities and
life support systems, but in general economics and psychological
human condition.

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