Every day on Earth disappears part of the forest withNew York

This sad conclusion was reached by independent experts.
Global Forest Watch, which monitors
forests using global satellite imagery.

As with undisguised anxiety, GFW experts stated,
last year, our planet lost its forest area with Italy
– more than 29 million hectares. This is the highest after
start monitoring. Unfortunately, this year may still present
more weighty “surprise” in this regard. Here is what the expert writes about it.
GFW Guardian:

Over the past fifteen years, the annual loss of forest cover
doubled, for example, the cutting down of the most valuable for the planet has doubled
tropical forests. In the first place in the destruction of the forest now
time stands Congo, followed by Colombia. True, a few
The situation in Indonesia has improved, which has only recently
leadership in this confusion, but now ten world
palm oil producers agreed to the requirements of environmentalists
(not without pressure, of course, from the government of the country)
expand plantations. But such positive points are a drop in the ocean.
irresponsibility and true crime towards
the forest.

The main reason for the disappearance of forests emphasizes
Global Forest Watch, is an extension of soybean crops,
pastures, losses associated with the production of palm oil and so
Further. But a lot of forests are being cut down for the purpose of obtaining wood.
And in most cases, forests are cut down illegally, which is connected
corruption and global criminal activity in relation to
ecology of the planet.

Suffice it to say, the Guardian continues that today there are many
talk is about global warming or, more precisely,
global climate change on Earth, with only 2 percent
all funded activities to combat this evil are aimed at
forest protection. And this is despite the fact that care and truly effective
the protection of forests on the planet could provide up to 50
percent reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and therefore completely
to prevent an environmental catastrophe approaching us. But this
no one needs, we put out the fire in the house, figuratively speaking, tea
spoon, that is, we are engaged in self-deception.

Note also that many forests in the world are dying from forest fires.
Among the leaders in this regard, the United States and Russia. For example, today such
fires are raging in the Far East, where more than a hundred
thousand hectares. The main share of losses accounted for Yakutia
(Republic of Sakha) – 97 percent.

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