Evil essences of an apple orchard almost ruineda girl

This story was told by an American named Joe, who in 1972.
was a camp counselor for the Navakwa children’s camp in Adams County
(Pennsylvania). This camp is still in force today.
Lutheran church, whose staff also work in the management
�Navakva. In particular, Joe worked in the camp from 1967 to 1973

His story begins with a reference to an old apple orchard,
which was from Navakva about a mile, on a hill. In
while hiking in the woods, children and counselors often spent the night in tents on
the top of this hill because it was a picturesque place, and
quiet, deserted.

Girl’s disappearance

… That evening, the adults sent the children to sleep, while they themselves sat
around the fire and leisurely talked. Among the counselors was someone
Paul, a seminary student who read Bible extracts, in passing
explaining some difficult points. Someone asked the question, does he believe
Sex in the next world and the existence of ghosts, to which he replied
affirmatively because, as he said, he himself once saw
Seminary room phantom old soldier …

The time was later, and soon the counselors also went to bed. BUT
a few hours later Joe was woken by a shout from the tent
the girl disappeared. The ten-year-old Cathy’s sleeping bag was empty. Leaving
one counselor with the children, all the others went in search

The girl was looked for almost until dawn. By radio they contacted the camp,
to find out if she returned there. However, the child was not
nowhere, and everyone wondered where he could have gone at all …

And suddenly Katie appeared on the side where the apple tree was
garden. She choked with sobs. The legs and arms of the girl were
scratched, and two cuts on the back were bleeding.

Inжатые срочно вызвали медиков, и Пол повез пострадавшую в
camp. However, before Katy was taken away, Joe heard her
talked about the “ugly man” who snatched her out of her sleeping bag
and dragged into some abandoned building. Girl managed
break out of his hands, then fell into a ravine and struggled to get out
from there.

When Joe, among other counselors and children, was in the camp, there
There were already doctors and policemen. The latter, hearing Katie’s story,
seems to have completely ignored her. Joe himself considered the story
child is very strange, Paul also argued that behind all this
hiding something else. Soon the camp season is over;
Joe left Navakva, but he recalled what had happened there for a long time.
mysterious event …

Shadows of apple orchards emerge from the past

Subsequently, Joe and Paul, who became a church pastor,
communicated regularly, and just recently Joe received from his
other interesting news shedding light on the mystery of more than
forty years ago.

Paul received a letter from the daughter of the very Katie, who disappeared
at night from your tent. Contact information pastor woman found
among the papers of her mother who died a few months ago. Paper
were well hidden so that no strangers could find them. Ibid
there was also a piece on which kathy described in detail what
happened to her in the apple orchard. This was followed by postscript with
request to contact Pastor Paul, because this person “knows
the truth. “

From the letter, Kathy said that a ghost had attacked her at night.
some old man and dragged into the basement of a dilapidated building,
which stood in the garden. The girl managed to escape from the hands
the kidnapper, but then she was attacked by a terrible creature,
like a huge wolf. Katie trapped and slapped her face.
monster stone, and then rushed to run …

Further, the note stated that the girl had repeatedly tried
tell your story to people, but nobody believed her. However worse
the total was that the “spirit of the wolf”, as she called it, continued
chase katie day and night. He could have dreamed her, turning the dream
in a nightmare, but often she saw his shadow in real life …

A woman could not understand why this essence pursues her,
perhaps the mystic wolf wanted to take revenge on her for hitting a stone
nose, but why on that fateful night, a creepy old man chose

Neither Joe nor even priest Paul with his rich experience in
spiritual sphere, did not know the answer to this question. And is he on
this white light, the pastor remarked in his letter to a friend. However Paul
believes that after her death, Kathy found out why it happened: for
that trait to each of us will surely reveal secrets that tormented
us in this life …

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