Excellent yard broom made of plasticbottles

Anyone who has a cottage or lives in a private house, not to mention
janitors face the same problem: there are no shops
good yard brooms. They all have a great disadvantage –
fragility. Sometimes a panicle bought only lasts a week,
the price of such a product is comparatively high and not at all
adequate to such “disposability.”

But, as it turned out, this problem is easy to solve: simple, reliable
and a long-playing broom for cleaning the yard, the streets can be done by yourself
из обычных пластиковых bottles, из которых сегодня российские
Kulibins do nothing. Pity the offer material then
есть пустых пластиковых bottles, значительно превышает потребность
in them, why this non-decomposing garbage has already filled our entire

In our case, of course, you also need quite a bit of plastic –
only five two-liter (and liter and a half liter, if you need
метла поменьше) bottles на одну метлу.

Итак, от четырех bottles отрезаем дно и горлышко, так, чтобы
there were bends to the neck of at least 2 centimeters. But the fifth
use only a neck with a bend and a small straight part
Bottles (again about 2 centimeters).

Four identical blanks cut from the bottom into ribbons, without cutting
to the upper edge of 3 cm, then collect them in one
Matryoshka and put on her fifth bottle with a neck.

Then we form all this into a panicle, that is, we crush it all up,
придавая конструкции плоский вид, в месте соединения bottles
soldering iron (you can drill) we make two holes and through them
We already almost finished the product with wire.

It remains to put this “sponge” on the handle (wooden stick or
the grip of the already unserviceable mop), secure it with a screw – and
Great yard broom ready! It is light, very easy to use,
not afraid of moisture and even easy to clean, but most importantly – it is durable
a product that costs almost nothing. Make such
broom can be a few minutes without even having any experience with this

Watch a video to help you understand the process.
making brooms in a more accessible form, since all operations
it shows in the smallest detail, though, we assure you, nothing
wise in this case is not at all. Try it – and you will see
how easy and simple it is!

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