Exotic constructions of the Middle Kingdom

China continues to amaze the world with its building fiction. Thats
they build ghost towns where no one lives then copy
The Eiffel Tower and other similar European landmarks,
then dizzy glass bridges are built over the abysses, then
build exotic houses. Here are the last and will be discussed in
this note.

For example, the purely futuristic 18-storey
structure (Huaqiao district) in the form of a pyramidal complex, which
Immediately became an internet sensation as soon as photos and videos
about him spread on the web.

A unique house, more reminiscent of the structure of any
fantastic film, is both residential and commercial.
One of the Chinese, who settled in it, recently told
to journalists from the newspaper Chinha News Serviš, that he was attracted to the first
queue unusual building design, but later, when he had already settled
in this “pyramid”, he appreciated the large terrace of his
A new apartment and even an unusual life-giving energy of this
pyramidal structures. By the way, the futuristic house was not
only sensation, but also a real gem for Huaqiao, attracting
Today there are many tourists.

This year, the PRC distinguished itself by surrendering another unique
structures – in the form of a giant crab. This is a museum building,
built of stainless steel on the shore of Yangchenhu Lake in
Kunshan. The height of the house-crab is sixteen meters
the architecture and design of it is made so realistic that from afar
it seems that an arthropod has crept out onto the lake shore
giant sizes.

The site for the construction of an exotic building is not selected.
by chance – Yangchenhu Lake is famous for its magnificent crabs and
numerous exhibits, stories related to these
short-tailed crayfish. In addition, in these parts, crabs are considered
the most popular delicacy that attracts tourists – true
gourmets. Now for them is built and so amazing
a museum …

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