Experts called the worst horror movie, andit is entirely based on real events

Not long ago, the Spanish horror film Veronica, the title
which Russian distributors for some reason translated as “Ouiji:
Curse of Veronica.

The tape tells the story of a 15-year-old schoolgirl who lives in
Madrid with her mother, younger brother and two younger sisters.
Their father recently died, and the widow is forced to work from morning till night,
to support the family. Scary movie events begin
after the main character Veronica and her friends spend
a session with the waggier seacoast during a solar eclipse 11
July 1991.

Based on real events

After the picture was in the box office, many film critics
and experts recognized her as the worst horror movie. we
got acquainted with this work and came to the conclusion that
�”Veronica” is entirely based on real events.

The film is based on the story of a teenage girl Estefania.
Gutierrez Lazaro, who died in 1991 in the Spanish capital
under very mysterious circumstances. It was the first in history.
modern Spain, the case when law enforcement officers registered
supernatural phenomenon, even if the police refused
officially call it that.

Estefania’s terrible hobby

Estefania, who became a prototype of Veronica, lived with her relatives in the southern
Madrid region of Vallecas. Grandmother Schoolgirl, Concepcion Lazaro,
being on deathbed for an unknown reason she cursed
before the death of his entire family, promising a lot of relatives

A couple of weeks after the death of an elderly woman, her granddaughter
began to behave very strange. She began to get involved in spiritualism and
She bought a Whigy board for communicating with spirits. Close relatives
schoolgirls, unfortunately, were too busy with their affairs to
seriously pay attention to her unhealthy hobby.

One day Estefania invited two classmates to spend
seance in the basement of the school. Friends decided to call the spirit
the boyfriend of one of them, who had crashed shortly before on
a motorcycle. Mystical ritual was interrupted by a teacher who found
students for such an unusual occupation.

The teacher and two other girls later told the police,
that during the session, the start index plate spontaneously
rush along the Waigi board and then shattered into many small
fragments. Estefania then fell to the floor, and from her mouth and nose
I threw incomprehensible smoke.

The horrors of the Lazaro family and the death of a girl

After this mysterious incident, our heroine became
show signs of obsession. She started all of a sudden
This growl, rush on relatives. She had seizures and
convulsions, but the doctors could not help the unfortunate. By all
physical performance, she was completely healthy.

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