Explain the appearance of a huge UFO departingfrom the Sun, NASA employees are hesitant

Space agencies of our planet, especially such “monsters”
like NASA, ESA, not to mention the smaller ones, they constantly monitor
The universe and especially the solar system, on the subject of the danger of those
or other space objects or phenomena for the Earth.

The second equally important task of such agencies is to search
exoplanets suitable for biological life as well as searching
brothers in mind. And this is where serious differences arise.
between official space explorers and independent
astronomers, ufologists, virtual archaeologists who also
contribute to the study of the universe, however, with several other
positions – recognition of the presence of an alien mind. And recognition
aliens are not somewhere out there to distant lands with the amendment
�“Possible”, but literally under our noses, that is, in our SS and even
on the Sun itself.

Of course, it is not easy to admit the fact that aliens are constantly
circling near the sun, flying and flying out of his plasma,
more when their spaceships are simply incredible sizes with
our point of view.

For example, the next such object, fixed by space
NASA probes, leading the observation of our star, which flew
from the sun, a hundred times the size of our planet.

Despite such a huge size UFO, which clearly
cameras of probes were fixed, NASA employees like him and not
noticed. At least explain this miracle, like many
similar others flying near our Luminary, they are clearly not
are solved.

Of course, it is very difficult to explain a UFO, commensurate in magnitude with
Jupiter, moving at an incredible speed and not afraid
plasma of the sun. But on the other hand, if not even trying to explain
it is for the general public, then why not
today’s progress in the study and exploration of space? Isn’t it easier?
return to the Stone (or at least Iron) age and not live
knowing and not knowing anything (even with confidence that the Earth is flat).
But if this is impossible, some commentators have noted.
this video (see below), you need to admit that
official science is not yet able to explain a UFO near the Sun, but
at the same time, it is afraid to honestly express all the available theories and
assumptions about similar space anomalies …

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