Extreme Colin O’Brady is preparing to crossAntarctic alone

Moreover, this is not just the bravado of a 33-year-old American
extreme for the sake of advertising, Colin O’Bradi has already started seriously
prepare for this perilous journey. At least he is now
knows exactly what he will need to do so
a risky plan and how long it will take.

Immediately, we emphasize that the whole highlight is that Colin
O’Brady decided to overcome a thousand miles of deserted ice desert without
any kind of support. Of course, these brave souls were and
previously, but they usually gave up and requested assistance, in
at worst, they simply died.

Colin O’Brady is determined to be the first to overcome
Antarctic alone. According to him, for such a transition to him
it will take 70 days – it will take about 14 miles to
day. To this end, the extreme takes only 220 pounds
food and 400 pounds of warm gear, plus two
video cameras, GPS tracker, several mobile devices and chargers
solar-powered devices — and not a single extra gram (all
calculated to the last detail).

Note that for this brave American, mountaineer and
traveler, such extreme events are not the first time.
So, in June-July of this year, he made the ascent to fifty
The coolest peaks of the United States – and very successfully. So many have it
fans no doubt that Colin O’Brady will not be able to
make your crazy Antarctic idea not to mention
that changes his mind …

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